Book Cover and Interior Design

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Book Cover and interior design by Uitask

To get that first page turned, an awesome book cover is a must. Book cover creates that first impression which pulls your readers to your book and makes them buy it. We are a team of professional Book Cover and Book Interior Layout designer. We have 8 years of experience in designing print and online books. We professionally work with Authors and online book Publishers.

If you expect a book cover that is unique, creative, lucrative, will be able to create that first killer impression to your readers, then we are here. We have the awesome book cover and interior designers waiting only for you.

Why you can trust us?

We will design your book cover uniquely with the right image, typography, color, and style. We have worked with Different Genres of Books like Fantasy, Science fiction, Horror, Romance Thriller, etc in different versions like ebook, epub and print media. We always maintain the perfect ratio for the book cover and layout design.

We have vast experience in Book Conversion Specialization. We have worked on Amazon Kindle, Nook, Createspace, Lulu, LS, ePub for Nook. We did Book Cover Design for Amazon Kindle, Createspace, Lulu, Lightning Source, and Book Conversion for Publication in Web and Print, Mobi for Kindle Conversion, ePub for Nook, PDF for Create Space, Lulu, Lightning Source, Smash words.

Book Cover professional AD design:

if you want to promote your book on social media or Print Media, We can also design banners and mockup designs for your promotion. There are also some banners and mockups available on our website which you can use for your promotional even for FREE!

*Basically we design in InDesign. But we can convert them into any version.

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